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Boilers & Hot Water Tanks

Ensuring Comfort and Safety with Vancouver Heating Services

If your boiler or tank is leaking, visit our Tips For Your Home page

If you’re not getting hot water from your faucet or heat from your
home’s boiler, call us at (604) 260-9901 to arrange a service call,
or after hours call us at (604) 330-3148. Our technicians with over 28
years average of industry experience can make things right again. Flame
Heating can install, inspect, and repair your appliances to return them
to proper working order. We also offer emergency services in the event
that your hot water heater or boiler stops functioning in the middle of
the night.

The average lifespan of a hot water tank can vary from eight to ten years
based on usage and water quality. Your newer, “on-demand” style
tanks and modern better insulated storage-type tanks can save you energy
dollars. Ask us about such things as a drip pan, water leak detectors
and automatic water shutoff valves that can reduce your home insurance
costs and reduce or prevent water leak damage.

Hot water tanks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to match your
particular needs and budget. Newer model hot water tanks and boilers can
save you hundreds on your monthly utility bills and are often more cost-effective
than repairing your old device.

For more information about our Richmond HVAC services,
contact our offices today by calling:

  • Vancouver/Richmond: (604) 260-9901
  • Delta/Ladner/Tsawwassen: (604) 256-1737
  • Surrey/Langley: (604) 256-1625

IBC Boiler and Domestic Storage Tank

Superhot Mini Gas Boiler Installation

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