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Helpful Tips in Emergencies

Flame Heating is pleased to provide a few general tips for easy troubleshooting around the home. If you are unsure of what you’re doing, it is best to contact us first.

Hot Water Tank Failure

Turn off the gas or electrical supply. Turn off water supply tap to the tank; this tap is located on the cold water pipe at the top of the tank. A hose or pail can be used to drain the water from the tap at the bottom of the tank. Open one hot water tap in the house to allow air into the system to help drain the tank.

Contact us for a quote on a new tank. Our prices include installation and permits, along with removal of the old tank. No hidden costs!

No Heat?

Check the fuse panel for power to the unit. If the pilot has gone out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the re-lighting of the pilot (see the decal on the inside of the furnace). Still not working or won’t stay lit? Give us a call.

Suspect a Gas Leak?

Move to a source of fresh air – the best choice is to go outside.

Is Your Contractor Licensed?

Technical Safety BC requires all gas and electrical contractors conducting regulated work in BC to hold a valid license. To check out whether someone is licensed, you may call the Technical Safety BC office at 1-866-566-7233, or visit their website for additional information.

In addition, all gas, boiler and electrical work requires a permit by law. Doing any of this work without a permit may adversely impact your homeowner’s insurance policy.

For your safety and the safety of your family, if you are having any work done that involves gas or electricity:

  • Hire a licensed contractor
  • Ensure there is a permit


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