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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Our experts at Flame Heating Ltd install residential radiant heating in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Radiant heating supplies heat to panels in the floors, walls, or ceiling of a house. This creates an even distribution of heat, and is more efficient than some other heating methods. Radiant heating is often preferred by individuals with allergies because it doesn’t stir up allergens with forced air. Radiant heat is clean and quiet, so you can enjoy enhanced comfort and efficiency as heat broadcasts to every cold object in the room. Our hydronic radiant floors are the perfect solution for heating your home.

radiant heating tubes

How Radiant Heat Warms Floors Effectively

Radiant floor heating systems can use air, water, or electricity to warm your home. Because they don’t use ducts or grills, they can be installed under any type of floor covering. We recommend hydronic radiant floors as the most cost-effective and efficient radiant heating system. Hydronic systems use a boiler to pump heated water though tubing in the floor. Radiant floors can be installed “dry” or “wet”. Wet installation uses concrete to store heat and is ultimately more efficient. Dry installation is faster and cheaper to build, but operates at a higher temperature. Some of the most effective floor coverings for hydronic radiant heating include:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Laminated Wood
  • Linoleum
  • Sheet Goods
  • Vinyl

Enjoy Consistent, Cost-Effective Heating

Hydronic radiant floors are a popular heating option for homes in cold climates, where heating is needed more frequently. This efficient and cost-effective system eliminates fan noise, temperature variability, and allergen distribution for improved heating compared to traditional forced air systems. The cost of installation depends on the location and size of the home, as well as the type of installation needed and the floor covering used. If a room is covered with carpet, it will require a separate tubing loop to heat it more efficiently since carpeted floors require higher temperatures to compensate for the thicker covering. Our professionals provide expert installation for improved heating.

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